Hi there!

I’d say it’s an even blend between being born with a creative spirit and growing up hanging out in my Grandparents home. I remember getting lost in the narratives and visuals of the cultural art surrounding me. You see, I was that introvert child that was more interested in observing my environment than playing with other kids. Pure bliss to me meant hanging out in my room alone, while drawing and listening to my boombox radio where I always played that one cool station all the way to the left of the station guide. What I would later discover to be 89.9 KCRW as an adult.

This, paired with immersing myself into the world of art and illustration while attending Art Center College of Design during my tender twenties, is what helped shape the visionary I am today.

As a creative, I have walked down a few different paths to lead me to this seat. I’ve explored the gallery scene for several years where I got to experience the business of art collecting and networking with other industry folks. I was an artist of Trader Joe’s for many years, which taught me about mural art, chalkboard art, how to sell a product through great signage, how to genuinely engage with others and to always put the customer first! It’s also where I developed a love for typography and calligraphy!

These days, I ‘m a creative business owner who focuses on sharing and selling my artwork online and offline with the main purpose of inspiring others through my imagery. I’m also a Mama to an almost 2 year old Son and spend my days trying to navigate blending the two worlds together.

You can catch me hanging out throughout the Los Angeles area, where I enjoy participating in Art/Craft Fairs and meeting people. I currently sell my work at the Museum of Latin American Art gift shop in Long Beach and am in the process of exploring the wholesale industry, so I can put my work in boutiques throughout different locations.

So what’s my artwork about? In short, I’d say it’s about uplifting others. Helping, guiding, protecting, healing, inspiring, whatever the need is, it is there to provide for those that are drawn to it. For many years I neglected putting my artwork “out there”. Ironically, the entire time I was busy seeking strength through my women creations as I was producing them. Today, thanks to a multitude of life lessons and inner growth, I feel a calling to create and share my artwork with others, as a way of giving service in the form of beautiful visuals. Sometimes all it takes is a beautiful vibrant image to remind you that everything is going to be okay.