When She Rises @ SPARC in Los Angeles & upcoming Launch details


I'll start from the beginning.  I was an artist for Trader Joe's in West Hollywood for 7 1/2 years, where I sat on a secure creative cushion.  It was a great job, filled with lots of skillsets I developed, like getting slick with chalkboard art and hand lettering.  Signage as an art form is so incredible!  I also got a lot of experience with creating murals and adapting to painting on a larger scale.  However, I always knew that my time there was limited since I had a larger plan in mind for my artistic endeavors.

 In 2017, my husband and I welcomed our son, Logan, into the world.  I decided to take a leap of faith and resign from my job to pursue my own creative path, alongside motherhood.  Around the time I started delving into research mode for launching an e-commerce small business, Lexx Valdez & Erin Yoshi, curators of the When She Rises Exhibition, reached out to me.  I was asked to participate in a special art show that centered on the themes of social & ecological justice and on the holistic wellness of the artist and her community.  These two visionaries hand picked each of the artists, (women of color) as we all seem to have a common thread woven into our artwork.  We are telling a sacred story, whether it be about the injustices of our disenfranchised peoples, illustrating our cultural treasures,  or simply inspiring humanity through how we see the large world in our skin.  

In this moment, I felt like my intuition had aligned with the forces of the universe!  I graciously accepted the invite and was fortunate to connect with a whole new creative community.  The Exhibition took place at SPARC (The Social and Public Art Resource Center) in Venice, Ca. on July 7th and was a huge success!  I was truly blown away by the roster of artists and the finely crafted curation of imagery.

I pitched the idea of blending the launch of my upcoming Online Shop with this impactful art show movement, When She Rises, at the enriching cultural center, SPARC.  It seemed to be a perfect opportunity to host a Pop-Up Shop and give an Artist talk to introduce myself more to this special audience.  When I spoke with the curators, they were totally down!  I am very excited to announce my upcoming launch date this Wednesday, Aug. 29th @ 6:30 p.m.  My small business will evolve organically, but for starters, I'll be releasing a collection of Art Prints, with a few other Product goodies.

I'll be doing a Give Away with When She Rises & the amazing Highland Park boutique, Mi Vida, on Instagram leading up to the launch!  So look out for that.  I can't wait to officially share my work with the world!  My women have been hibernating and moisturizing for this sweet moment.  Thanks for stopping by!